Yorkies come in a variey of colors. The most popular being the Blue and Gold. 

What alot of people dont know is yorkies come in other colors too,

Although not common in the U.S. They Are very popular in the U.K. and Australia.  

So we do see them at our rescue from time to time.


Blue and Gold

This is the Traditional Yorkie Color and is the only color recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

This is the only color that can be registered by AKC. All others are considered a fault. 


 Silver and Tan

A lighter version of Blue and Tan



The chocolate color is a reddish brown with darker red legs,head,chest, and underbody. The nose, lips,and eyes are also chocolate colored   



This is a deep amber color with red eyes and nose 



The Phantom Color is a Dark blue undercoat with a silver overcoat, Black nose nad lips, and dark drown eyes


Golden or Blonde

The golden yorkie is a cream colored yorkie with red eyes and red nose 


Parti color or Biewer 

This is a tri colored dog that is mostly white with patches of brown, black, or both on it's body and/or face. This one has a mask..They are very popular in Germany. 



This is a white (Not Albino)  They have white coat all the way to their skin, a black nose and brown eyes



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