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 If you are considering adopting a dog we currently have available. Please call or email us. You may also want to fill out an adoption application at the bottom of the page. 


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How Do You Adopt A Yorkie?

When you have decided on the dog you would like to meet, We will set up a meeting time and place. This will give you and the dog a chance to meet. If you then decide that the dog is a good fit, you will pay your adoption fee, fill out your adoption contract and your new pet goes home with you at that time.

Our Adoption Donation/Fee is $300 Per Pet




All of our rescue dogs go to their new homes with a care packet that includes:

~ Your copy of Adoption Contract

~ Vaccination record

~ Dog food to last the first few days

~ Nutritional Information

~ Dog Treats

~ Care instructions


In the event a dog comes to us with a microchip, the info will be provided to the new adopters so the microchip info can be transferred. 



We meet all of our Adopters in Cabazon


 Morongo Casino parking lot 

49500 Seminole Dr. • Cabazon, CA 92230

Right Next to the 10 Freeway



Please Fill out the Adoption Application below

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Adoption Application

The Questions Below Will Help Us Match Rescue Yorkies With The Right Homes. Please Answer Each Question As Completely as Possilbe.. Please Be Aware That Our Adoption Fee Is $300.00 Per Pet.

Are You 21 Years Old Or Older?

Would You like To Adopt A Male Or Female?

What Size Yorkie Are You Looking To Adopt?


Have You Ever Owned A Yorkie?

Will Your Dog Be Groomed Every 4-6 Weeks?

Are You Prepared To Care For This Pet For 16+ Years?

How Do You think Dog # 1 Will Respond To A New Dog?

How Do You think Dog # 2 Will Respond To A New Dog?

How Do You think Dog # 3 Will Respond To A New Dog?

Is/Are Your Current Dog(s) Spayed or Neutered?

Do You Have Any Other Pets?

How You Ever "Given Away" A Pet Because: You Were Moving, Bored With It, Or Didnt Have Time To Care For It ?

What Type Of Home Do You Live In?

Do You Rent Or Own Your Home ?

Do You Have A Fenced Back Yard

What Type Of Fence Do You Have?

If You Have A Pool, Is It Gated Away From Pets?

You Willing To Keep Your New Pet Inside Your Home ?

If Not Already Housebroken, Which Method Will Be Used To Housebreak This Pet ?

Are You At Home at least 8 Hours A Day?

Where Will Your Dog Sleep At Night?

Where Will Your Dog Spend Time While Your Not At Home?

All Cities & Counties Require Dogs To Have A Rabies Vaccine And To Be Licensed, Will You Abide By These Laws?

THIS FORM WILL SERVE AS YOUR ADOPTION CONTRACT, This is a LEGALLY Binding contact between The Adopter and Southern California Yorkie Rescue. I (The Adopter) declare that the information I have provided above is true and correct. I declare that I am financially capable of caring for a a rescue dog, This includes Annual Well Checks at the Vet, Emergency Vet Care, Grooming, Dental Care, and any other expense that can occur during this dog's life. DISCLAIMER: Because Southern California Yorkie Rescue has little or no knowledge of the rescue dog's past, Southern California Yorkie Rescue cannot guarantee Age, Temperament, or if any medical conditions exist. It is agreed and understood by the adopter that while every effort is made to provide accurate history and assessment of a dog, Southern California Yorkie Rescue does not warrant a dog regarding age, medical status, behavior or disposition. It is further agreed that environmental changes may effect and change the temperament of the above named dog and that Southern California Yorkie Rescue has no liability or responsibility of any nature regarding later defects with the dog, or injuries or damage to any person or property which may be caused by the dog. The adopter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Southern California Yorkie Rescue and its members or representatives against any and all claims for any injury or property damage to the adopter or anyone else. Dogs adopted from Southern California Yorkie Rescue SHALL NOT be relinquished (turned into) an animal shelter, The adopted dog shall be returned to Southern California Yorkie Rescue. This agreement entered into this date by and between Southern California Yorkie Rescue and the applicant, hereinafter refered to as 'The Adopter", for the adoption of the above identified dog. The adopter agrees to pay Southern California Yorkie Rescue a NON REFUNDABLE Adoption Fee of $300.00. The adopter agrees to provide the dog with a safe home with proper care and attention. The dog is not to ride loose in the back of an open bed pick up truck and will not be chained. This dog is not an outside pet. In the event Southern California Yorkie Rescue discovers the inhumane treatment of this dog, it is agreed Southern California Yorkie Rescue has the right to immediately take possession of the above named dog. The Adopter agrees to have this dog licensed in the city of residence and to not violate any laws or ordinances with the dog. It is agreed and understood by the adopter and Southern California Yorkie Rescue that this written agreement sets forth all promises, agreement, conditions, and understanding between them, oral or written, and that both parties have fully read and understand all of the agreement. This agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the adopter and Southern California Yorkie Rescue and their successors or beneficiaries. In the event this contract, including all its covenants and conditions, is breached by the adopter, This dog may be removed from the adopter immediately.



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